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Since I had never done anything like this make money online , I needed someone or something to hold me by the hand and walk me through the entire process. In about 24 hours from now, you will no longer be able to get these products at the discounted price. These discounts could save you thousands on your marketing budget! Since then thousands of people have watched and loved every second of the series….

If you missed the FREE training series, click on the links below. Beware, they may not be up for very long, so you should check these out now!

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  5. David Wood hated David Sharpe’s guts for two years;

Man, it was some good stuff! Now for the Good News! The leadership and vision of this community is again changing the lives of others! It typically takes over a month to raise that kind of money, but we did it in just half that time! Internet Marketing will never be the same, thanks to ENv2. I hope EN does not shut down all the products I bought which did teach me a few things although not enough to earn any money and almost broke me to the point I could not live trying to duplicate what I was taught.

Mar 25th, at 7: If they shut down I should be able to download everything before they go completely under.

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Apr 4th, at I am very new to Empower Network and I have invested a lot of money into EN thinking that it is one of the best things to come along. Is this whole thing just a CON to rip off people. If you would be so kind as to enlighten me, I would truly appreciate your input. Apr 4th, at 5: Dave Wood is probably still publishing ninja turtle videos on Facebook and posting his latest ideas that will make EN affiliates rich… this time. Jun 11th, at Here is David Wood now and looks like you were right.

Looks like drugged out and heading for that breakdown. Jun 12th, at 5: I thought they were great friends due to so many videos I saw them in, the camaraderie looked great, but hey, things can be faked! Jun 14th, at 6: How sad that people are still being duped into thinking that this is some kind of money-making venture — despite the fact that there is empirical and verified proof that the sole goal of this cult-like entity is to get people to buy more products that tell them how to make money.

In other words, the secret to wealth is selling the idea that you have the secret to wealth. Sep 14th, at 5: Something about Empower Newtwork felt off to me, even though I joined it for a short while. It seemed to be a mix of business and spirituality. Sure I know its created wealth for several people and had its High Run.

But honestly theres nothing about it that interests me anymore.

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  • I never for a minute felt an honest friendship connection between the two.. I do like David Sharpe though. Sep 27th, at 3: Email will not be published required.

    Empower Network Review Uncensored

    Leave this field empty. After a year or so of silence, Sharpe revealed that he had been given the all-clear. Empower Network affiliates, any thoughts? And I had an opportunity to do that when I needed it most.

    The Business Concept – A Masterpiece

    We all do our best, in any given situation, and our best is good enough. With my deepest gratitude for all of you. Watched the video again and caught the reference, looked it up and it seemed to be a thing.

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    So he cleared his mind of evil thoughts and told his cult to do the same. So does this mean the business will increase with positive energy from all? No, no, no, you have to do it the Empower way. Once a badass, always a bad ass. This is all crazy an a waste of time and EN has never been in better shape.

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    Lets all just Love one another and let this stuff go. Sharon Stone Do not worry about losing access to worthless scam crap. Yet how does that work if you have not made any money using or selling them? EN has been on the decline for a few years now.