Der Buddhismus in der westlichen Gesellschaft (German Edition)

The first of these, he remarks, is easy to say; and inviting his listeners to recognise the faults of conditioned existence, he encourages them to consider the implications more thoroughly. In this talk, from 17th May at Sangha Night, Vaddhaka shares his reading and fascination of the meeting of modern neuro science and buddhism. He uses the five niyamas five orders of conditionality and Sangharakshita 's system of spiritual practice as a framework for his exploration.

In what has been described as a landmark talk, Sangharakshita evokes the five fundamental things that lie at the heart of the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order: Ideas, Practices, Institutions, Experiment, and Imagination. An introductory talk for this series on the Four Dimensions of Awareness, as elucidated by Sangharakshita. Here the four indispensable preparatory practices mula-yogas of the Vajrayana devotee are outlined: Concluding his exposition of the Sutra, Sangharakshita explains that traditionally one should rely on: Transcendental Awareness, not discriminative consciousness.

The Chinese occupation has had enormous effects on Tibetan Buddhism. What future does it have, and what can Western Buddhists learn from its unique heritage? After 42 years building and working with the FWBO, and the release of his new book, 'The Essential Sangharakshita ,' Bhante gets at the most fundamental message of it all - spiritual development.

He reflects on the beginnings of the FWBO and how it has developed over time, working around the needs of Western Buddhists and the zeitgeist of the times. Then, he lays out the first three great stages of the spiritual path. The first stage is awareness of self and integration, as well as awareness of others and our surroundings. The second stage is one of emotional positivity, stepping outside of ourselves. Third is spiritual death, and cultivation of unselfishness.

In diesem Vortrag nun konzentriert er sich auf die Kernbotschaft des Ganzen: A day the Triratna Order 50th anniversary Convention in Bodhgaya, India, paying tribute to the source of the Order itself: Here are four short talks with Order members from around the world evoking the gifts we have received as an Order and community from Sangharakshita. Recorded at Bodhgaya, India, February It could be argued that we live at the beginning of a second renaissance, sparked off by the translation of oriental literature into Western languages.

Sangharakshita demonstrates the spirit with which to approach Buddhist literature in order to appreciate its immense riches. Using the terms doing and being, he suggests how we can bring greater stillness into activity, and vibrant energy into calm. June is the fortieth anniversary of the founding of Padmaloka and to mark this, the Padmaloka chapter organised the Area OrderWeekend. It was Bhante who named Lesingham House Padmaloka, telling us that it was one of the names of Padmasambhava's Pure Land, so the Order weekend was devoted to the lineage of Sangharakshita.

Der Buddhismus im Westen verändert sich - Internationale Konferenz in Hamburg - DLF

Some years ago Bhante spoke of his lineage as fourfold: His short talk is followed by Subhuti's acceptance on behalf of those involved in which he explores this pivotal moment for the future of the Order. The Heart Sutra conveys Perfect Wisdom in its most terse form, yet is still a profoundly beautiful text. Sangharakshita explains its dramatic structure and leads us through its mysterious content.

This is talk 4 of 4, given on a Mitra retreat at Taraloka, exploring the Heart Sutra. Please note there are references to two more personal talks given earlier in the retreat - these are not available on FBA "the Bodhisattva gains Enlightenment and becomes a Buddha only by relying on the Perfection of Wisdom. She discusses the need to deepen our faith in the Dharma and our faith that Enlightenment is possible to be able to "rely on the Perfection of Wisdom".

How we do that is part of us discovering our own way to practice. She gives examples from her own experience of faith and also how we can recognise when our faith has been lacking or at least well covered up! Under the influence of 'cyclic' conditionality, we oscillate between pairs of opposite factors, particularly between our conscious 'heights' and our unconscious 'depths'.

It is vital that we integrate the depths and transform ourselves in the light of the heights. Buddhism is sometimes seen as weak or negative. Using examples from the Pali Canon and Mahayana texts, this lecture shows that, on the contrary, heroic and positive qualities are essential in the Buddhist spiritual aspirant's quest for Enlightenment. The concept of evolution is surely one of the most important in modern thought, and Sangharakshita uses it here to convey the timeless truths that Buddhism seeks to communicate: An often inspiring autobiographical lecture taking up Sangharakshita 's story from his earliest experiences of Buddhism and telling how he came progressively to understand the centrality of Going for Refuge in the Buddhist life.

To prepare for each evenings meditation and puja under the Bodhi tree Subhuti offered a series of seven inspiring talks exploring the Buddhas experience in Bodh Gaya. The series is entitled Placing Ourselves at the Feet of the Buddha. At the heart of these talks is a poem by Sangharakshita , Taking Refuge In The Buddha, which was written here in response to his own strong experience of Bodh Gaya. In the third of seven talks we focus on The Buddha as he disappears.

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Subhuti explores the Buddhas first words after his enlightenment. The words are recorded in the Dhammapada and said to be spoken as the Buddha still sat on the Vajrasana. They are known as his Song of Victory. Who is the house builder that the Buddha sings of and what is the house? True language distinguishes humanity from the animals, and speech is accorded considerable spiritual significance in Buddhism. Sangharakshita explains the progressive path of truthful, affectionate, helpful, and harmonious speech, culminating in perfect human communication.

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Der Buddhismus in der westlichen Gesellschaft (German Edition)

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