A Church Without Walls

We believe that this approach will teach and equip us in such a deep way that we will begin to unlock and address other barriers to inclusion, too. How will we gather and balance diverse perspectives when making decisions for our growing community? All people of Urban Village Church —worshippers, friends, lay leaders, staff, and pastors — are invited to participate in this conversation and work.

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Both divergent and convergent spaces are important: Yes, until we act publicly and consistently, this is all at best increasingly-informed, superior navel gazing. Yes, much will be required from all of us in this project of transformation: We also enter this work humbly: At the end of the day, we all are. See below for a description of all the teams involved—and how to get in contact with leaders for participation and feedback.

What does it look like? Because the Kingdom of God is a party.

Our Mission

Because retreats clear space for intentional, active learning in a way that one-hour meetings and worship services simply cannot. Over the course of day or weekend, we share stories, build trust, get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and do more sustainable work. Led by associates of the Kaleidoscope Institute founded by Eric Law , this 1.

Analysis an assessment tool, possibly just for leaders -Photo Language exercise -Close with communion and liturgy of healing. Because people are not monolithic and may participate in different ways, these groups may look different from season to season but will involve conversation, learning, and participation in leadership.

Because face-to-face conversation built on trust and vulnerability is where the deepest personal change happens. Small group settings require great care and sensitivity, as they are both hard and life-giving in different ways for diverse people.

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Continuing current small group ministry which provides affinity-based AND intentionally-diverse small groups in general. Hispanic Theology, Asian American Experience, etc. Because in addition to acts of service and mission, we are called to advocate and work for systemic change in our city. We will partner with other churches in metro Chicago to engage the work of justice in direct, concrete, sustainable ways.

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One possibility is to join with a community organization of congregations, not-for-profits, businesses, etc. Fighting to Overcome Records and Create Equality Project is led by people with records, their families, and faith allies like UVC organizing to create change and justice for people with records.

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Preventing Gun Violence — HB This law would close dangerous loopholes in IL gun laws and create a more comprehensive system designed to improve public safety, promote gun owner accountability, provide law enforcement with the information and systems necessary to solve gun crimes, keep illegal gun traffickers out of business, and keep illegal guns out of the hands of our children. Fair Tax and Education Funding — to ask those who have the greatest ability to pay to pay the most. In addition to our engagement with an organization like Community Renewal Society, we continue to seek justice for families of all kinds, including LGBTQ families, and will explore ministry at the intersection of racial and sexual diversities.

Because none of this will be possible without leaning on each other in the context of leaning on the everlasting arms of God, our Savior.

Mission & Ministry - Church Without Walls

Because from the beginning, we have been a church-planting movement committed to reaching new people with the Good News of Jesus. Develop intentional best practices, spiritual preparation, and strategy formation for a targeted, specific community outreach. Launching the fourth UVC site 17 February with outreach to Woodlawn and Hyde Park with the aim of developing an intentionally multi-racial faith community.

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In addition to their ministerial responsibilities, staff will participate in our inclusion efforts through their individual participation, feedback and suggestions, but they will also serve a role in helping to re-enforce communication, connectivity and coordination between strategy, site and small group initiatives as we move forward. It was systematically brought to this point.

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Loving God, Growing Spiritually & Helping Others.

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